About Us


We are people who really enjoy being pleasantly surprised, and that is why we bring this aspect of our personality to our work.

Our Story

Born To Create Beautiful Memories

FOTO88 was founded by the late Mr. Ben Ng in 1974 as a photo studio. Ben loved the art and science of great photography because they create beautiful memories for his customers.

In 2000, the founder’s son, Daniel, took the business and transformed it into a leading customized corporate gifts company in Singapore.

Daniel decided to keep the FOTO88 name because he realized that a photo studio and a corporate gifts company both exist to do the same thing, and that is to create beautiful memories for their customers.

Born To Chase A Bold Vision

All of us at FOTO88 come to work every day to chase the singular vision of being The Benchmark For Corporate Gifts because we live and breathe corporate gifts. It’s in our DNA.

Born To Fight Underdelivery

Any corporate gift that underdelivers on what it promises will do a lot of damage to your brand reputation, and that is not happening on our watch.

That is why the first thing we ask all our clients is “What do you want this corporate gift to do for your brand?” and then we work very hard to exceed your expectations.

Born To Leave A Great & Lasting Impression

When you give your customers, staff or partners a corporate gift with your name on it, you will want it to leave a great and lasting impression on them. That is what our customized corporate gifts do for your brand.

They are guaranteed to raise your brand profile. That is why over 20,000 companies including many globally-renowned brands, work with FOTO88 and no one else. Talk to one of our speedy, accountable, and flexible Gift Consultants and let us help you create the perfect gift today.

Our Vision


The vision statement describes the kind of future that we want to create, and our vision is to be:


This is a highly-ambitious vision but we are determined to make this happen because we believe that when we dedicate our lives to the realization of this vision, it will make every stakeholder in our eco-system a winner.

Our Mission

To realize our ambitious vision, we are resolutely focused on carrying out our mission which revolves around the 3Ps below:


We create or source for innovative, high-quality corporate gifts that leave a great lasting impression.


We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in corporate gifts to stay ahead of the competition.


We are high-performance, results-oriented people who do the right things, and do things the right way.

Our Brand Values

These are the Top 3 Brand Values that form the guiding principles behind everything that we do.

These are also the Brand Values that all of us at FOTO88 embrace and practice every day.


We work fast because we know your time is precious


Personal responsibility towards you in all our work​


Open to fresh ways to solve problems more efficiently for the best experience​

Our Value Proposition

customer satisfaction

The value proposition describes The No. 1 Benefit that we bring to our customers and partners. Of course, we bring a multitude of benefits to our customers and partners but the most important benefit of all is:


We are people who really enjoy being pleasantly surprised, and that is why we bring this aspect of our personality to our work. We figured that you would enjoy being pleasantly surprised as well, and so we work hard to create customized corporate gifts that exceed expectations. Once you have tried FOTO88, everything else will seem so bland.