Corporate Gift Selection 101

Corporate Gift Selection 101

A Tough Decision

Selecting a corporate gift is never easy. With a whole range of providers offering a wide variety of choices, the market has become so saturated that choosing the perfect gift for your clients now seems next to impossible. However, what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be? Indeed, picking a vendor possessing these following 10 traits will make your selection of a corporate gift provider a breeze that will keep your clients happy and going back to you for more.


    Industry knowledge and expertise is highly important. Knowing the inside-outs of the market entails many benefits, such as insider information and in-depth details, which consequently, increases the chance of getting a job well done. With 48 years of experience, FOTO88 is the ideal gift-consultant of choice for handling any project regardless of the level of complexity.


    Any potential vendor ought to go the extra mile, just for you. This ensures that your relationship exists beyond a pure transactional level, and that your vendor of choice gives a hundred and one percent to cater to your needs as painlessly as possible. Integrity is also essential, and having a vendor possessing such a trait helps make sure that your pain-points are solved with in an efficient manner without a jack in prices. This is exactly what FOTO88 does, going above and beyond for our clients.


    Possessing foresight ought to be part of the arsenal of any good vendor. Always at the forefront, they are quick to anticipate and prevent any mishaps from occurring through open channels of communication. Equipped with a strong sense of urgency, they too are proactive in their client’s project management, first to inform and remind of essential project milestones.


    Never giving up, a key facet for any vendor to have. Equipped with technical expertise and being proficient in product knowledge, they should be well prepared to power through any and every obstacle that stands in the way of a project’s completion. Regardless of a project’s complexity, timeline or budget, they ought to help their clients achieve their goals with time to spare.


    Long-lasting business success is brought about by a commitment to continually exceed expectations. This is exactly what FOTO88 has been doing for the near past 5 decades of experience, ensuring that our clients are provided with the best corporate gift ideas possible. Being well aware of various KPIs and managing each component of the project with utmost care, our clients are provided with real-time status updates and will be informed of any rectifications as and when they are made.


    Brand Management is essential for any business. Why? Precisely because a business’ brand tells their story. Following every aspect of a branding guideline, to not distort and/or alter any associated trademarks and logos ought to be something that a vendor strives for with regards to their procurement procedures. This maintains integrity, and ensures that a business’ identity is never compromised.


    Your vendor of choice ought to consistently work hand-in-hand with you. Flexible in their approach, they ought to carry with them can-do and never-say-never attitudes. Pleasing their clients as much as possible, their end goal would be to deliver the greatest levels of customer satisfaction possible, bringing both you and them to accomplish more than before.


    When thinking of which corporate gift ideas are best for your clients, consultants must be well-versed in knowing what gift options are available, who exactly your clients are and what they are all about. This is all so that they are able to provide you with the best choices available, delivering the right balance between cost and quality. With consultants here at FOTO88 having been with us already for at least 5 years, they are well-experienced on almost all product types and materials, such that they can consistently give the best suggestions for a corporate gift idea.


    Throughout all stages of the procurement process, your journey should be as painless as possible. From selection of products all the way up to production, every touch point should be looked at in detail such that they are configured to give the best value possible. Via constant communication, vendors should also seek feedback regarding how they can continually improve upon their products and services. Perfection is the end goal, and at FOTO88, we are continually making strides to achieve this.


    Perhaps the most important criteria when picking a vendor, is to select one that always acts in your best interests. They do not merely look at the short term, but instead, focus on building a long-lasting relationship that will continue well after the initial transaction is over. At FOTO88, your business is our business, and putting your interests before anything and everything else, we do not stop short of providing nothing but excellence.

Your Choice

Ultimately, your pick of a corporate gift vendor should have all of the above traits. It is with these qualities that a vendor can truly exude confidence and perfection through their products and services. Thankfully, you need not look further than FOTO88. Possessing all these and more, our thorough professionalism and variety of provisions will no doubt ensure your clients continue to look upon you with favour that will keep them satisfied. It is thus with great confidence that we can claim superiority in the market for corporate gifts, setting the bar for deliverance and expectations. So come and make the grade, with FOTO88.

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