Top Ideas for Corporate Gifts Under $20 in Singapore

10 Dollar Singapore Note representing corporate gifts under $20 in Singapore.

Corporate Gift Ideas Under $20 in Singapore

Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation, strengthen business relationships, and promote your brand. When budget is a consideration, there are still plenty of thoughtful and high-quality gift options available. Here are some top ideas for corporate gifts under $20 in Singapore:

Logo Branded Notebook

Customised notebook with logo are practical and versatile gifts. They can be personalized with your company logo and are ideal for daily use in meetings, note-taking, and planning. Their utility ensures that your brand remains visible to the recipient.

2. Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Eco-friendly tote bags are both practical and sustainable. Made from recyclable materials, these bags can be used for shopping, travel, or daily errands. Customizing them with your logo promotes your brand while showing your commitment to environmental responsibility.

3. Branded Pens

Branded pens are classic corporate gifts that are always appreciated. They are useful, cost-effective, and can be easily customized with your company’s logo. High-quality pens can leave a lasting impression on your clients and partners.

4. Portable Chargers

Portable phone chargers are indispensable in today’s digital age. They are useful for keeping devices powered on-the-go and can be branded with your logo. This practical gift ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind.

5. Desk Accessories

Desk accessories such as mousepads, pen holders, and calendars are always useful. These items can be customized to reflect your brand and are perfect for keeping your company’s name visible on your clients’ desks. Click here for more ideas on Desktop Gifts by

6. Plantable Postcards

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly corporate gift under $20, consider FOTO88’s Plantable Postcards. Made from biodegradable paper embedded with seeds, these postcards can be planted to grow into beautiful plants. Customizable with your company logo and message, they are perfect for promoting sustainability and creating a lasting impression. Ideal for corporate gifts, events, and eco-conscious marketing campaigns, these postcards combine creativity and environmental responsibility, showcasing your commitment to green initiatives.

7. Scented Candles

Scented candles are thoughtful gifts that can create a relaxing atmosphere. They come in various fragrances and can be packaged in elegant containers with your company’s branding. This gift is perfect for clients who appreciate a touch of luxury.

8. USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are highly practical and useful for storing data. They can be easily customized with your logo and come in various storage capacities. This tech-savvy gift is perfect for professionals who need to transfer and store files regularly.

9. Keychains

Customised keychains are small yet impactful gifts. They are practical, easily branded, and serve as constant reminders of your company. Keychains can be made from various materials, including metal, leather, and plastic, to suit different tastes.

10. Sport Towels

FOTO88’s Sport Towels are an excellent choice for active individuals and corporate giveaways under $20 in Singapore. Made from high-quality, absorbent materials, these towels are perfect for workouts, sports events, and outdoor activities. They are lightweight, quick-drying, and durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Customizable with your company logo, sport towels make a practical and impactful corporate gift that promotes your brand while supporting a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs, these towels are both functional and promotional.

Conclusion for Corporate Gifts Under $20 in Singapore

Choosing the right corporate gift within a budget can be challenging, but with these ideas, you can find thoughtful and high-quality options under $20. FOTO88 offers a wide range of customizable corporate gifts that can help you show appreciation, strengthen business relationships, and promote your brand effectively. Explore these options to find the perfect gifts that align with your company’s values and budget.

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