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Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts

The Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is a season of happiness, rebirth, and festivity. This is a time of year full with customs, get-togethers with family, and a feeling of unity. At Foto88, we recognise the significance of this joyous occasion and the need of presenting well-considered, heartfelt presents as tokens of gratitude and goodwill.

Being a top corporate gift provider in Singapore, we provide a wide selection of personalised gifts that are ideal for this festive season. We’ll look at some of our best-selling items for Chinese New Year in this blog, including felt carriers, ang bao pouches, poker cards, orange carriers, red packets, and gift packages of home goods.

Orange Carriers: A Representation of Wealth and Fortune

A widely recognised custom during Chinese New Year is exchanging mandarin oranges as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Here at Foto88, we provide exquisitely crafted orange carriers that not only make it easy to transport these fruits but also elevate your present.

Because they are constructed from premium materials, our orange carriers are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. They are available in a variety of designs, from contemporary to traditional motifs, so you may select the one that most closely reflects your business or personal preferences. These carriers, which can be personalised with a message or your company logo, are a great corporate gift that makes a lasting impression.

Picture giving a pair of mandarin oranges to customers or staff members in a gorgeous carrier with your company’s emblem on it. It’s an expression of deference, gratitude, and best wishes for the upcoming year. Not only are our orange carriers useful, but they also serve as a representation of your dedication to building strong bonds and honouring cultural customs. 

Ang Bao Pouches: A Contemporary Take on an Age-Old Custom 

Giving red envelopes, or ang baos, stuffed with cash is a treasured Chinese New Year custom. It represents protection from bad spirits and good fortune. Even while the red packet is important in and of itself, how it is presented can improve the overall experience. Our ang bao pouches come in handy in this situation.

    The ang bao pouches by Foto88 are intended to give the conventional red packet a dash of style and sophistication. These pouches, which come in an array of hues and patterns, can be personalised with your business’s logo to create a truly distinctive corporate gift. Because the pouches are made of high-quality materials, they are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

    Not only are these pouches ideal for containing red packets, but they may also be worn as fashionable accessories long after the festivities are finished. Giving these personalised pouches reflects your company’s concern and attention to detail while also making a gift that is useful and memorable.

    Poker Cards: Bringing Joy and Laughter to Events

    Chinese New Year is a time when friends and family join together to celebrate and spend quality time together. A crucial component of the festivities are the games and entertainment. A popular game of cards during the holidays, poker cards are a great way to give a present that encourages social interaction.

    We at Foto88 provide premium poker cards that may be personalised with messages, seasonal graphics, or even your company’s logo. Not only are these cards fantastic for gaming, but they also function as a distinctive marketing tool that helps your customers and staff remember your company.

    Personalised poker cards are a flexible present that works well for both social and professional occasions. They are an enjoyable and engaging method to communicate with your customers and staff, encouraging a spirit of enthusiasm and unity. Selecting poker cards as a business present demonstrates that your organisation appreciates custom as well as the spirit of celebration. 

    Red Packets: Customised Presents with a Unique Flavour 

    An significant component of the festivities around Chinese New Year are red packages, or ang baos. As a sign of blessings, they are frequently given to youngsters and single adults as good luck charms. Even though it is a deeply ingrained Chinese tradition, adding a personal touch can elevate the giving of these red packets to a truly memorable occasion.

    Red packages from Foto88 can be customised to match the branding of your business or can be imprinted with kind words. With a variety of designs ranging from classic to contemporary, our red packets are made from premium paper, so there’s sure to be something to suit every taste.

    Choosing our personalised red packets will not only preserve a beloved custom but also give your gift-giving a distinctive touch. These packages might have the logo of your business, a joyous greeting, or any other design that captures the essence of your brand. They are a kind approach to greet your staff and clients a happy holiday season and to express your gratitude. 

    Felt Carriers: Stylish and Useful Present Options 

    Another popular gift for Chinese New Year is felt carriers, which combine design and functionality. These adaptable carriers are a practical and lovely choice for gift-giving because they can be used to contain presents, oranges, or other festive goods.

    Our felt carriers at Foto88 come in an array of patterns and hues, all of which may be personalised with your business’s logo. These carriers, which are made of premium felt, are strong and eco-friendly, adhering to contemporary sustainability principles.

    Felt carriers give your gifts a sophisticated touch in addition to being utilitarian. These carriers improve the presentation overall and make your gifts stand out, whether you use them to deliver mandarin oranges, red packages, or other festive products. They are an elegant and useful way to express gratitude and share the joy of the holidays with your customers and staff.

    Home Goods Gift Sets: Ideal for Joyful Events

    Gift sets of home goods are a great option for Chinese New Year since they go well with the joyous atmosphere of get-togethers and festivities. Tea sets, dinnerware, and kitchen accessories are just a few of the customisable homeware gift sets that Foto88 offers.

    Our gift sets for homeware are a lovely addition to any home because they are made to be both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Every set may be personalised with a message or your company’s branding to provide a special touch that shows how much your business values and cares for its customers.

    These gift bundles are ideal for customers and staff members who like hosting visitors or spending time with their families over the holidays. Giving a bundle of home goods not only promotes your business but also gives the recipient a useful gift that will improve their time at home. It’s a lovely way to express your concern for their comfort and well-being.

    The Value of Personalised Business Presents 

    Personalised presents are essential for business gift-giving, particularly on important cultural occasions like Chinese New Year. Companies can show off their business identity and convey their thanks and caring by giving these presents. At Foto88, we recognise the value of crafting unique, heartfelt presents that connect with the receivers.

    Personalised gifts come with a number of benefits:

    Brand Visibility: You can improve brand recognition and visibility by adding your company’s logo or branding to the presents. Brand loyalty is strengthened because the receiver is reminded of your business each time they use or view the present.

    Personalisation: You can add a personal touch to customised gifts to make them more memorable and meaningful. Personalised text, an original design, or your business’s emblem are examples of aspects that demonstrate your thoughtfulness in selecting the perfect present.

    Durability and Quality: We at Foto88 place a high value on quality in every one of our products. Because they are constructed from premium materials, our personalised gifts are strong and long-lasting. This speaks well of your business and demonstrates your appreciation for excellence and quality. 

    Cultural Relevance: You can respect and appreciate the recipient’s customs by selecting presents that have cultural significance. This is particularly significant around Chinese New Year, when the festivities heavily rely on the symbolic meaning of gifts.

    Making Memorable Experiences with Foto88 

    Offering a large selection of personalised gifts that are ideal for Chinese New Year is something we at Foto88 take great pride in. Our items, which include felt carriers, poker cards, red packets, orange carriers, and ang bao pouches, are made to provide a unique touch to your gift-giving experience. We recognise the significance of this joyous time of year and are dedicated to assisting you in leaving a lasting impression on your partners, clients, and staff.
    Our team of professionals is committed to offering outstanding assistance, making sure that your presents are customised to your unique requirements and tastes. With our easy customisation procedure, you can design special and heartfelt presents that perfectly capture the essence of your company.

    As you get ready for the Lunar New Year, think about the significance of thoughtful, personalised presents. They not only make the celebration more enjoyable, but they also fortify bonds and create a memorable impact. We at Foto88 are here to assist you in creating a genuinely memorable Chinese New Year.

    Come see our extensive selection at to leave a lasting impact on your partners, clients, and staff.

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