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Building team cohesion and productivity is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) events and corporate team-building exercises are important in accomplishing these goals. As a top corporate gift provider in Singapore, Foto88 knows how important it is to offer bespoke, high-quality presents that not only improve the corporate experience but also fulfil useful functions. Here, we’ve curated a few of our best products, each carefully crafted to cater to the demands of MICE events and corporate team building.

  1. Metal Pen with Stylus

Versatile writing tools are more important than ever in the digital age. Our Metal Pen with Stylus is a unique and useful present that is perfect for team building exercises and business gatherings. Exquisitely crafted, this pen provides a smooth writing experience and also as a touch-screen stylus. Both executives and workers will find it to be the ideal accessory because to its polished metal appearance, which emanates professionalism.

This pen, which can be personalised with your business logo, acts as a continual reminder of your brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation. The Metal Pen with Stylus is a multipurpose instrument that bolsters team cohesion and increases productivity in meetings, conferences, and informal brainstorming sessions. 

  1. A5 PU Notebook

It is vital to have a dependable Notebook in any corporate environment. Our A5 PU Notebook offers an ideal canvas for jotting down thoughts, vital information, and notes by fusing elegance with durability. The A5 size’s compact design guarantees mobility and convenience, while the PU leather cover gives it a polished appearance.

This notebook is a great option for MICE events and corporate team-building exercises where attendees frequently need to scribble down ideas and observations. The A5 PU Notebook, which can be personalised with your company’s branding, is a useful present that also promotes your brand’s presence and principles. It will be a treasured friend for both staff and clients due to its premium paper and sturdy design. 

  1. Mouse

When it comes to business productivity, a trustworthy mouse is essential. Our personalised mouse is the perfect present for clients and staff because it provides comfort and accuracy. This mouse improves productivity and guarantees a seamless user experience because it is ergonomically built to lessen strain during extended use. 

A customised mouse can greatly improve participant comfort and productivity during MICE and corporate team-building activities. This present, which may be personalised with your company’s logo or message, shows how much you’ve thought about the receiver and gives them a sense of pride and belonging. The Mouse is a thoughtful and useful present that fits well with the needs of the contemporary office.

  1. Power bank

It is critical to keep connected in the fast-paced world of today. No matter where you go, your devices will always be charged and ready to go with our Powerbank. This multi-port powerbank, equipped with a large capacity battery, is a dependable partner for professionals that lead hectic lives.

Powerbanks are perfect for MICE events and business team-building exercises since they keep participants connected and involved all day long. This present, which can be personalised with your logo, not only has a useful use but also demonstrates your business’s dedication to helping its customers and staff. A necessary accessory that blends corporate pride with practicality is the Powerbank.

  1. Canvas Bag

Canvas bag is a great present that is both eco-friendly and adaptable. Our bespoke Canvas Bags are constructed from premium, long-lasting materials that support sustainability and can handle regular use. These bags are a useful present for workers who are constantly on the go because they are ideal for holding paperwork, laptops, and other necessities.

These Canvas Bags may be personalised with your company’s logo or message to act as mobile billboards for your enterprise. They’re also a fantastic method to demonstrate your business’s dedication to environmental sustainability. Canvas bags are a fashionable and useful solution that can be used for events or everyday commuting. They also reinforce your brand’s image in an environmentally responsible manner for both clients and staff.

  1. USB Drive

Having a dependable storage solution is essential in a time when data is vital. Professionals will find our programmable USB drive to be an invaluable tool due to its large storage capacity and quick data transfer speeds. This USB drive makes sure that crucial information is constantly accessible, whether it is being used to save presentations, papers, or private files.

The USB drive is perfect for MICE events and corporate team-building exercises. It can be personalised with your business’s logo, making it a nice and useful gift. Because of its sturdy construction and small size, it will be appreciated by both clients and staff. The USB drive is a representation of effectiveness and readiness that is ideal for the demands of the contemporary workplace.

  1. Collar pins 

A classic piece of clothing, collar pins can quietly express pride and unity. Our personalised collar pins are made to match any outfit, offering a refined and polished touch. These pins are made of premium materials and are fashionable and long-lasting, making them an ideal gift for MICE events and corporate team building.

Collar Pins are a great way to remind people of your brand’s identity and values because they can be personalised with your company’s logo or message. These pins let employees feel like they belong and are a team, whether they are worn at work or at events. Collar pins are a great way to boost corporate identity and team spirit because of their understated yet potent symbolism.

  1. Lanyards 

Any corporate event needs lanyards since they are a useful way to store badges, ID cards, and other necessities. Because of their sturdy construction and cosy fit, these personalised lanyards are comfortable to wear all day. These lanyards, which come in an assortment of hues and designs, can be customised to complement the event’s theme and your company’s branding.

Lanyards are a useful addition and a marketing opportunity for MICE events and corporate team-building exercises. These lanyards, which may be personalised with your company’s emblem or slogan, guarantee that your brand will be seen clearly all during the event. Given their usefulness and visibility, lanyards are an indispensable corporate gift.

  1. Leather Pass Holder

A leather pass holder is a chic piece of gear that blends style and functionality. Our personalised Leather Pass Holders are ideal as gifts for business gatherings and everyday use since they are made to safely handle ID cards, access cards, and other necessities. Made from premium leather, these pass holders are sturdy and professional-looking.

The Leather Pass Holder is perfect for MICE events and corporate team-building exercises since it can be personalised with your business’s branding to strengthen your brand’s identity and core principles. It is an appreciated addition for both clients and employees due to its practical functions and stylish look. A chic and useful gift that improves one’s personality on both a personal and professional level is the Leather Pass Holder.

  1. Name Tags

Name tags are an essential part of every business function since they promote recognition and make introductions easier. Participants’ identities are seen clearly thanks to the durability and clarity with which our redesigned Name Tags are made. These name tags, which come in a variety of designs and materials, can be customised to fit your business’s branding and event specifications.

Name tags are essential for establishing relationships and guaranteeing seamless interactions during MICE events and business team-building exercises. These name tags, which may be personalised with the emblem or message of your business, improve both personal and corporate identity. Given their usefulness and conspicuousness, Name Tags are an essential company gift.


At Foto88, we’re dedicated to offering premium, personalised gifts that improve MICE gatherings and business team building. The A5 PU Notebook, Metal Pen with Stylus, Mouse, Powerbank, Canvas Bag, USB Drive, Collar Pins, Lanyards, Leather Pass Holder, and Name Tags are just a few of the items in our assortment that are made to satisfy the functional and branding requirements of contemporary enterprises.

Because each item is painstakingly made to guarantee elegance, usefulness, and longevity, they are ideal presents for coworkers, clients, and attendees of events. Selecting personalised presents from Foto88 is an investment in instruments that support the identity and core values of your company while also fulfilling utilitarian needs.

With our excellent gift assortment, you may elevate your business gatherings and encourage team cohesion and productivity. Come see our extensive selection at to leave a lasting impact on your partners, clients, and staff. Examine our entire selection of bespoke items to see how we can improve your business experience.

Extra Things to Think About with Business Gifts
It’s important to carefully examine the demands and preferences of the receivers when selecting the ideal business gifts. Here at Foto88, we provide individualised consultancy services to assist you in choosing the ideal presents for your occasions. Our team of professionals is committed to making sure your business presents not only fulfil but also surpass your expectations, giving each recipient a profound and unforgettable experience.

To sum up, Foto88 is your go-to partner for premium, personalised gifts for MICE gatherings and corporate team building. Our wide array of items is intended to boost output, promote cohesion, and create a lasting effect. Come see what we have to offer and improve your corporate gifting experience by visiting today.

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